Norogrizovim (Vitamin B Complex) 1ml/2ml


  • Ingredient:Hydroxocobalamin ,  Pyridoxine ,  Thiamine
  • Manufacturer:Deva


Vitamin B1 – Strengthens nerves and serves as a source of energy for nerves. Vitamin B6 – Promotes transmission of nerve impulses and has pain relieve effect. Vitamin B12 – Regenerates nerves and prevents nerve cells from damage.

Norogrizovim (Vitamin B Complex) with combination of vitamin B1, B6 and B12 is clinically tested to nourish your nerve cells, helps to improve nerve function and relieves nerve pain, keeping the feeling of tingling and numbness at bay.

Norogrizovim (Vitamin B Complex) is indicated for neurological and other disorders associated with disturbance of metabolic functions influenced by B complex vitamins, including diabetic polyneuropathy, alcoholic peripheral neuritis and post influenzal neuropathies.

Norogrizovim (Vitamin B Complex) is also recommended for the treatment of neuritis and neuralgia of the spinal nerves, especially facial paresis, cervical syndrome, low back pain, ischialgia.


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