Stenbolone 100 mg 10 ml


  • Ingredient:Stenbolone Acetate
  • Manufacturer:Euro-Pharmacies


Stenbolone is an injectable steroid which contains 100 mg of the hormone Stenbolone Acetate.

Competing bodybuilders in the weeks before a championship often experience a catabolic phase and a condition of over training. Stenbolone rapidly and reliably counters this and helps to obtain a good form since it does not draw water and does not increase the estrogen level. For the buildup of strength and mass, however, Stenbolone is by far not as suitable as Anadrol, although some erroneously call it an injectable Anadrol. Stenbolone has lower anabolic and androgenic effects than the oral version and it leads to a slow but solid muscle gain along with a moderate strength gain. For this purpose it is preferred by women and steroid novices, and by older athletes who obtain satisfying results without the fear of significant side effects.

Since Stenbolone is in Acetate form it has only a low half-life time so that frequent and regular injections are necessary in order to obtain sufficiently high and constant blood level values. For optimal results Stenbolone is normally taken daily and injected at least every 2 days. The usual weekly dose for athletes is 200-300 mg. For this reason the 50 mg strength is often preferred and the athlete either injects the entire one-milliliter ampule daily or limits the use to half of it.

Women normally do well with 100-150 mg/week and should divide their weekly dosage into three equal parts. The potential side effects are low since the compound is well tolerated by the liver and edemas, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure do not occur. Cases of acne and increased aggressiveness in men are low and rare, as is a reduction in the body’s own hormone production. Virilization symptoms in women also occur rarely and for the most part in very sensitive persons when high dosages are given or when the intake interval lasts over several weeks.


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