T-bol 50 mg 10 ml


  • Ingredient:Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
  • Manufacturer:Euro-Pharmacies
  • Brand Name:Turinabol


T-Bol 50 is the exchange name for the steroid called Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. In solution, T-Bol 50 is ordinarily used to trigger ovulation and fortifies the hypophysis to discharge more gonadotropin. Muscleheads and competitors are utilizing it when the body’s own testosterone creation is smothered. T-Bol has a solid anabolic impact and generally low androgenic impact.

If you are wondering how to build muscle fast, T-Bol offers an incredible result that shows itself in a strong muscle pick up without water maintenance or aromatization. Oral Turinabol is additionally well-known among powerlifters and weightlifters. T-Bol does not hold water and can’t be aromatized. Male competitors who are utilizing T-Bol with Testosterone, Deca Durabolin or Equipoise for a mass increase, while in cutting cycles it is stacked with Testosterone, Primobolan or Trenbolone.

T-Bol 50 offers immediate (100%) bioavailability to the body, active within a few minutes after administration, the direct injection of T-Bol is far more potent than the oral version (with zero toxicity to liver due to no oral first pass) and requires a greatly reduced dosage – 0.1-0.25 ml injected is all that needed to match an oral dose of 50 mg.


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